Land ho!

Throughout the night we enjoyed rain and heavy dark clouds....a large northly swell and choppy seas....and spray over the bow.  After being in the fairly protected waters of the Mediterranean it's nice to feel like you're at sea.

Overcast skies led to an interesting sunrise - very dramatic....certainly not as cheerful as hot pink streaking!

After spending some time on deck with my camera I reported back to the bridge for my second watch.

I was greeted with a faint outline of an island off the Starboard bow.

Land Ho!

Whenever I sight land I can't help but imagine some poor chap up in a crow's nest damp and windblown - possibly sighting land for the first time in months.

We were soon steaming past the rugged coastline of Santa Maria.  The sun was catching her just right - golden hills and cliffs.

This was our closest point of approach at approximately nine nautical miles.

Other than a few small fishing boats out for an early catch we had her waters to ourselves.

Good Morning Azores!