My Morning ala Photo Essay!

Apparently Azores harbor pilots don't work in the dark.  After trying for an hour to hail the pilots via VHF I finally got a response back saying, 'It's dark out!  Call us back when it's light!'.  Well....alrighty then!

Luckily, the sun rose....yet again.  Isn't it nice having things in life you can count on?!

When we called the pilots back to notify them that it was now light out we were told that it was too windy.  Which, even though I hate to admit it - it really was windy.  The previous evening the Captain and I discussed that if the wind kept up we might not be going in right away.  However, it's been windy for days now....this might put a kink in our plans!

The pilots told us to call back at 1000 to see about going to the berth - at 1000 they told us to call back at 1400....I see where this is going....

Wanna know the good news?!

I saw me some dolphins!

I'm off to take a nap - I'm pretty sure they're going to call me smack dab in the middle of my rest period.  (But seriously, no complaints!  We're docking in the Azores after all!)