Link Love :: Better late then never!

I think Link Love may start showing up on Sunday's - Friday is my exam day - Plus, Sunday is the end of the week!

What I loved this week:


We live an in amazing world.  Timothy Allen's 40 favorite photos of the Human Planet.

If I was home this week I would definitely be painting some bottles to use as vases.  Too Cute!

Have you ever had this experience, you go to a thrift shop with a friend - she leaves with an amazing outfit and you leave with a trucker hat?  Some of my friends are AMAZING thrifters...I'm just an ok thrifter but I know I have potential....maybe this thrifting checklist will help out!


I love hearing new music - especially when the music maker is from Hawaii (even if they have scruffy beards):


I ran across this quiz - it compares Charlie Sheen, Glenn Beck and Muammar Qaddafi - they are definitely all strange men - what I find crazy is that they are all getting equal press time!  Can't we all just say Sheen is nuts, Beck is a butt head, Qaddifi isn't fit to lead his people and move on?!

Ah yes, the good old 'she was asking for it' debate.  I'll let you decide.  (Although I will say this to the ladies:  Sometimes dressing appropriately is like taking vitamins - you don't have to but it might be a good idea.)


What I thought after watching this:  A-FREAKIN'-MAZING!!!


March Fourth was National Grammar Day!  Do you know why they selected that specific day?  Because it is one of the only days that is also a complete sentence!  March Forth!  Get it?!  Forth and Fourth - it's a homonym!  They have the same pronunciation with different meanings and spellings!  There was a little online debate that March First could also be considered a two word sentence - I think the Fourth has more going for it - being a homonym and all.  I love Grammar Girl - I've been reading and listening to her a lot more in an attempt to complete 30x30 #20 .

This is slightly heart wrenching - Where Children Sleep:  A Diverse World of Homes.


I'm a pretty bad dancer - I can't really move my upper body independently from my lower body - although that usually doesn't stop me from getting up and shaking my tail feathers.  This youtube clip isn't in English - but you really don't need to know what they are saying to realize that this street dancer is phenomenal.  From what I gather this is a Brazilian TV dance show - a young street dancer (you know the kind who like to pop their elbows and do the robot) gets on stage and you think he's going to be all hip and sassy - instead he street dances to Mikhail Fokine's The Dying Swan.  It is seriously beautiful!  (It's a little long but, if you watch from minutes 1:45 - 4:10 you'll see the good stuff.)