What I Really Did This Week

I warned you guys that the blog would be light this week - and it was.  I let you guys know that I had Celestial Navigation this week and that it might be intense - and it was.  That being said, of my last two months of upgrades - last week was hands down my most fun week.  As in mostest funest EVER!  I kept thinking this is waaay more fun than blogging - and it was! Did you guys ever go to camp when you were a kid?  I never went to a real summer camp....but I did go to a few church camps....and I did go to a few summer day camp things.....and I went on couple sails that lasted a few weeks.  This is how it usually worked for me:  the first few weeks are just okay; by week three you've made some friends and have people to hang out with and eat dinner with; by week four you start realizing that there are only two weeks left; week five you meet a whole new group of friends and are totally bummed that camp is going to be over so soon!!!!  At the end of the week you are thinking 'these are my new best friends!', you are crying and promising to write and giving each other long hugs.....you get home and after a full night in your own bed you realize that you may never hear from these people again.

I just had the adult version of summer camp.  I didn't want the week to end!  I ended up hanging out with a really fun group - we drank beer by the pool, grilled steaks and veggies, showed up to class slightly hungover, rallied by lunch for sun sights and sextant fun at the pier, and laughed hysterically.  We sat around the table telling sea stories (it was pretty amazing how many we had considering that we were all upgrading to Chief Mate and had only been sailing for about 5 years), talking about crappy Captains, figuring out our exam schedules, and saying totally ridiculous things.  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

Here are some of the best quotes of the week:

Someone starts giving Dave a hard time about picking up empty cans and taking them to the trash....he yells: I'm running a tight ship at this out of control party!!!!

Talking about how long chart corrections take - and how much it sucks when companies restrict overtime: Chart corrections are stupid anyways....I mean the rocks don't move...

We rigged up a little diving board at the pool - some of the guys were drinking something called 'panther jooce' - seriously, that is what it is called....it's like a four loco....which is basically like a redbull vodka in a can...it is illegal in most states.  This kid does a belly flop and we convince him to do another one:

Kid1:  Dude, why did you do a second belly flop?!

Kid2:  I dunno man...it must've been the Panther Jooce...

Me:  Are you okay?

Kid2:  I think so...but my nose is kind of tingly...

Kid1:  Do you want another Jooce?

Kid2:  I think that might be a good idea.