Link Love :: Gender Equity, Molasses and Flakiness

nautical but nice In July, I made this list.  I followed this tutorial to comply with the list.  It works!  But, they were right - don't put it in the dishwasher - if you do your mug will have a semi scratched up 'Nautical but Nice' written on it.....

I want to go here.  I also want my friend Baisey to go with me.

Agreed.  We should stop flaking out.

A Mettle Making Quote.

Gender Equity.  Interesting.

I had no idea there was a molasses pipeline in Hawaii.  Apparently, there was no contingency plan for a spill.  That's just absurd.

11 Untranslatable Words.

You can take your roots with you.  Preach.

I love me some Humans of New York.

I tend to store up internet goodness like a squirel preparing for the winter.  What's the point of storing up internet goodness if not to share with friends?!