Link Love :: I'm a Pro + Be Nice + Happy Holidays!

I love these posts.  I find that they reset my bloggin' brain.  Plus, there is so much goodness on the internet that we can't see it all hence, we must share.  

Lets begin with some drag queens, shall we?  Up the ladder.  Watch me move.  No nine-to-five round the clock overtime.  Haters cannot touch my drive.  References!

You pretty much want to have a dance party and work on your resume...amiright?!

As hard as it is to carry on....we must....

I was gonna make a holiday gift guide but well, I'm on vacation so, here are some good ones I found floating around!  one.  two.  three.  four.  

Designlovefest is hosting a pretty kick butt giveaway.  I hate to add competitors but seriously, it's too good not to share.  May the odds be ever in your favor!

These colors are currently my favorite.

Chelsea nails it, just be nice.  

Yes, yes they are.

George Orwell, Feminist.  Who knew?

I'm not a mama but so many of my friends are.  This one's for the mamas.  

Break your heart winter reading from Joy.  

The most beautiful recovered couch.  

Balsamic Vinegar anyone?

Feeling festive?  Love the Holidays?  Homemade Garlands!

Deliciously Unrealistic Goals?  Genius.  

Canada, I'm impressed with your cunning.  

Make this the best week ever.

You'll go nuts.  True Story.

Vegas Elopement + Class!  Love it!

I watched this clip and cried.  You're a survivor!