Link Love :: Is this a reset button?

This photo has zero to do with this post...but I HAVE been drinking a lot of wine lately... I'm hitting the reset button up in here.  I'm really tired of talking about all of the feelings.  I want to show you the rest of my photos from Napa!  I want to show a few pictures from Vegas....that I managed to take with my iPhone when I was semi-coherent!  I want to talk about books!  I want to recap some wickedly awesome 30x30 activities - and explain where I'm at with all that!  No more time for feelings!

It's been awhile since I shared some internet awesomeness.

First off, I'd like to invite you to a Mermaid Parade.  Oh boy this looks sweet.

When I first started watching this I was stone faced.  And then?  'I only like Pino Grigio!'.  I've now watched it twice....majorly not safe for work!

Let's make these.  They could be so purty.

Funny.  (Also, I love Judge Judy.)

This guy knows what limited space truly is.  That's why we should listen to his suggestions. I drool over everything he posts.

I lust and I mean lust after ash & anchor.  Please tell me this isn't one of the prettiest prints you've ever seen?  (also, while I was writing this I clicked over and they're offering 10 dollars off through tomorrow - Monday the 27th - do it...)

This sounds delicious.

Meet Eddie the Geriatric Sea Otter.  I can't even.

Einstein knew what was up:  I do not mind that you are a girl.

Everyone loves Anthropologie, right?  When I saw this set today I wished I was a bazillionaire.  (I also really enjoy their blog.  They pick themes and then find pretty things that match it.  Stellar.)

Maya Angelou is the best.

Well Nautie Friends, that's a wrap.

I had a completely unproductive weekend.  I bought some wine, I folded some clothes, I lazed around with my kindle.  It was splendid. I hope your weekend was splendid as well.

I'm strangely looking forward to Monday - and on Tuesday my Mom flies in - Yay!

Look for some Napa photos soon!