I'm SO Excited To Tell You This!

callies mariner I was interviewed by Callies Mariner!

Remember a ways back I blogged about my new internet friend?  That was her!

Since somehow finding her in the crazy world of twitter I've since become a loyal blog follower of hers.

I think what she's doing for Merchant Marine families by sharing the trials and tribulations - as well as the joys - is so incredibly important.

I also think that if I met her in real life we'd be friends.  Isn't that a nice feeling?

I can't say enough good things about her.  The amount of respect I have for her is astronomical in proportions.

Please head over and check out the interview

Some other favorite posts of hers:  gollum, the mariners wife  ::  pirates  ::  the question

She also rocks on The Twitter.


We were just finishing up dinner when I got her tweet that the interview was posted.  I immediately ran and got my laptop to write this post.  My Mom says, 'what are you doing?'.  I reply, 'I have to blog so I can direct some traffic to her site!'.  Hilarious.  Callie, I'm officially directing alllll my traffic to your site.  Heh heh.