More Like Two Degrees Of Separation

I wrote this blog post eons ago.  Then I had technical difficulties...and then I didn't post it.  The thing is, I thought I better post it because this is super duper important!  When I reference 'yesterday' it was actually weeks ago....just to help clarify things around here.... Yesterday, I cried on the blog....about how I didn't have internet friends.  You heard me, I cried on the blog because I didn't have internet friends!

Immediately afterwards....and I'm talking immediately afterwards....I start up a little twitter conversation with this chick named @calliesmariner.  I had literally just written:  Twitter kills me.  Now, here I was having a mini conversation.  Wow.

This chick has a blog geared torwards Merchant Marine families - and it's cool you should totally check it out.

We start throwing some tweets back and forth (yep, you guessed this moment I'm feeling totally cool...).

*Please note:  Between the paragraph above and the paragraph below I tried really, really, really hard to embed some tweets.  Clearly, I did not succeed.  I just don't know.  My excuse is that I'm not at home and there is something wrong with the computer on the ship.  The thing is, if you want to read the tweets you could just follow @calliesmariner and @nautiemermate on twitter....just sayin'...*

Anyways, I noticed from her blog that she's living somewhere in New England so of course I decide that I MUST e-mail one of my Besties and tell her that I have a new friend for her.  Some of my girlfriends stared a group called The Seacoast Wives - they're Husbands ship out and they themselves are pretty salty.  I'm not technically in the group....cause clearly I'm not a wive but, I knew this Chick needed to be invited to the get togethers.

During this whole exchange @Calliesmariner and my Bestie are at a Maine Maritime Academy Seacoast Alumni Event - and they freakin' meet eachother!!!!!!!

I mean, during this whole exchange as in while we're tweeting.  Too freakin' weird right?!

You know how the world is supposedly connected by six degrees of separation?  Well, clearly the maritime industry is a measly two degrees of separation.

There you have it.  Amazing, right?!

Here's to new blog friends!