Things In Mason Jars :: Semi-Homemade Ginger Fizz

Pops.  This one is dedicated to you.

homemade ginger fizz

My Dad emailed me and said, 'I've been looking at weather in the should look at the weather....and eat saltines...'.  Ok fine, that wasn't exactly what he said.  I emailed him back and said, 'Pops, I'm all over that shit'.  I know.  What kind of daughter emails her Dad that she's 'all over that shit' with reference to eating saltines?!

Listen, I know it is slightly bizarre for a so-called professional mariner to complain about being sea sick all the time but, honestly, I've never been on a ship that rolled like this one!

In fact, I've written about it in great length.

When the icki-ness set into my tummy yesterday I got creative.  I had my trusty ginger drink mix and a sprite.  Boom!  Semi-Homemade Ginger Fizz!  Of course I also took two homeopathic sea sickness pills.  Just in case.

Now, I know what you're're looking out at that beautiful blue ocean and wondering why we're rolling.  This can be attributed to a ground swell.  It's a long and rolling swell caused by wind that is a substantial distance away (i.e. The North Atlantic).  We're feeling the effects of a North Atlantic storm all the way south at 27 degrees North!  This type of swell is much, much different than a locally genereated wind driven swell.  This is like a gentle roll back and forth every 12 seconds.  It's just big enough that you have to brace your body and every now and then a draw will open on its own.  It's not big enough that you have to hold on.  For whatever reason, it's just enough to make my stomach flip over.

There you have it: a ground swell, a ginger fizz and, no ability to sit in front of the computer without feeling like I'm gonna hurl.

Love you guys.

(also you can read a really good explanation of a ground swell here.)