Too Late? It's never too late for Suez Canal Photos!

This is me attempting to re-enter the blogosphere... Is it too late to post some Suez Canal photos?


When we transited the canal it was one of the prettiest days I've seen there.  It wasn't too hot - there was a nice little breeze - and it was crystal clear.  This is rare.

I actually got some pretty decent photos and I'm happy to be able to add them to my 'canal collection'.

My favorite photo of the day was watching this dude prepare to dive after having clearly already been what looks to be pink accented pajama bottoms.  I mean, I wouldn't ruin my good pants diving in the Suez Canal either!

pink pajamas

Second favorite but almost my favorite was of a small fishing boat using a tarp as a sail.  There is something so awesome about seeing people make do with what they have.

Sailing by tarp

Now you know I didn't only take two photos!

View the rest here:

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