Link Love :: Pinterest Edition was a link that I love love loved back in February.  I spend waaaay too much time on Pinterest - but I find SO many neat ideas, pretty pictures, and style ideas!  I love, love, love it (yes Johnny, so much that I'd marry it)!  Here are some of my recent Pinterest discoveries!  


Have you ever had old t-shirts that you absolutely COULD NOT part with - but you had no idea what to do with since you never wear them?!  Turn them into bags!  Pure genius.

If I was home I'd be baking this bread....pretty much right now so I could eat some ASAP.

This clutch is fabulous....Hilo ladies - imagine it with some sig zane fabric!

I'm not much of a knitter - but if I was, this little project would be at the top of my list.

This Letterpress card totally cracked me up - probably because I'm a Preacher's Kid with a warped sense of humor....

Canoodle Lounging Chair?!   MUST HAVE!!!!!! (Anyone who has seen me curl into a tiny ball in my Mom's white leather chair knows that this might be fate.)

I think Orange Goodness (I swear I should trademark that) just got a whole lot better.  (And yes, I totally just pinned my own photo so I could link up to it - heh heh.)



I'm going to end this here....I could go on forever!  (I'm mostly ending it because I can see the ship is swinging and I know I'm going to loose the internet any second....)