What do you do with a drunken sailor?!

When you think about the stereotypical sailor what comes to mind?  Before I started sailing I would have told you:  They go ashore and spend lots of money....on booze and loose women.  Friends, I can sadly say - It's TRUE!  They run ashore - flock ashore - knock each other down to get ashore faster.....so that they can spend ALL their money....on booze and loose women! Now, I realize that some of you sailor's are gentlemen - and that you're sitting at home thinking 'I really hope my wife doesn't read this!' and that some of you lovely sea wives are sitting at home thinking 'I really hope my husband isn't a stereotypical sailor!'.  I apologize in advance for the gross generalizations I'm about to make.  Sea wives who I'm friends with - I would totally tell you if I saw your husband at the type of establishment I'm about to describe!

We've officially been at anchor for 2 weeks.  This drastically changes things - why?  Because the boys (the deck gang are commonly referred to as 'the boys') have time to go ashore!  They are able to establish contact with unsavory sorts - and then develop relationships with unsavory sorts!

It's been my experience that the boys will find the closest, nastiest watering hole - then, they'll make friends with the bar keep - and THEN the bar keep will invite (a.k.a call) some girls he knows to come 'hang out'.  The boys will never look for another bar and the girls will be available whenever the boys aren't working.  This nasty watering hole will become a base camp of sorts.  After one or two visits the boys will get a 'lay of the land'.  They'll find some nearby convenience stores, pharmacies and cheap hotels - and they'll essentially establish a short term residency where they can have their 'needs met' on a daily basis.

I was lucky enough to meet this ports watering hole girls - four Dominican women who don't speak a lick of English - how convenient!

I've seen this unfold over and over and over again - in ports all over the world.  I try my best not to pass judgement - most of them are young and single and most importantly, making money.  Notice I said I try?  I TOTALLY PASS JUDGEMENT!

It's not really that I don't appreciate that they have needs - that they're having 'met'.  It's that they are soooo freakin' lazy!

I mean really!!!!  We're in ATHENS!  There are beautiful women everywhere!

With two whole weeks in a port they could have met a nice local girl who could tour them around the city - show them good 'local' eating spots (or maybe even made them some home cooked meals) - teach them some Greek words to help get them around town.

Is it because I'm a woman that this sort of encounter sounds far more appealing?  Or is it because I'm willing to make an effort to get some nookie?!  Besides, the second encounter didn't even take into account the benefits to their health (I mean clearly, the watering hole girls may leave a lasting impression if you get my drift...).

I just don't understand....no need to explain the birds and bees....I get that part of it....I just don't understand how it can possibly be fun.... naivete on my part?

I think when we leave the anchorage in a few days the boys are going to go through withdrawls - hopefully the ships hospital has enough penicillin for the whole deck gang!