M.L.I.S.W :: The Hole Digger

Sometimes I share conversations that I've had / overheard on the ship.  Let me tell you....sometimes they're bizarro!  They always make me think of this snotty little phrase teenage me used to love, 'oh-my-gawd.  my life is so weird'.  Here's the latest My Life Is So Weird Moment... On the Bridge.  Routine watch with idle chit chat.

Me:  I've never gotten to the point where I can travel with just a carry on.

Shipmate:  Travelling with no luggage is truly the way to go.

AB:  I never travel with luggage.  I just find places to bury my stuff.

Me:  What do you mean?

AB:  Whatever I don't need to travel with I double bag in garbage bags and bury it.

Me:  Bury it how?

AB:  I just find a place to dig a hole.  I've found that the best place to dig holes is near railroads or in church yards....there are fewer people watching....

Me:  Are you kidding me right now?!

AB:  No.

Me:  What do you dig your hole with?  I mean, do you splurge on a shovel?

AB:  Nah, I've found that digging holes with a sharp knife is actually a lot easier.

Me:  Oh my god.  That's bizzare.

AB:  -blank stare-

Me:  Do you have a lot of things buried?!

AB:  Yah, I got stashes everywhere...I keep a notebook with all the places written down.

Me:  Wow.

AB:  That's why I like shipping out of Jacksonville instead of Houston.  Houston has too much concrete and Jacksonville has sand.

AB wanders out onto the bridge wing.

I look at my Shipmate...

Me:  Did we really just hear that right?

Shipmate:  I think so...

Vocabulary:  AB - Able Bodied Seaman - they are my watchstanders.

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