Mason Jars. Carrot Juice. Sunshine.

This blog needs some happy.  Let's talk about Mason Jars. I brought Mason Jars to work with me this trip.

I'm kicking myself.  HARD.  I should have brought jars to work years ago.

They make life awesome.  Totally awesome.

I have a jug of carrot juice left over from port.  I've been drinking carrot juice out of jars on the bridge wing.  AWESOME.

I have some lime juice.  I squeeze a little into ships water (which always tastes a little funny) and drink it out of my jar during watch.  AWESOME.

I have yougurt, mango puree and, cardamom powder.  I blend it up and make mango lassi's which I put in jars for my shipmates at afternoon coffee.  AWESOME.

When I have left overs I just seal them right up.  AWESOME.

I'm telling you, they make life just the tiniest bit more wonderful.  They also are just pretty - especially when the light hits them on the bridge.

carrot juice and sunshine.

You totally wanna see another photo right?  Except this time you want it to be more artsy with a slightly out of focus ocean in the background...

I can do artsy mason jar photos of carrot juice at sea.

Mason Jars = Awesome.

Also, THIS:


Because Sunrises are also Awesome.