M.L.I.S.W. :: Queen of Overshare

I'm the Queen of Overshare.  Seriously. This isn't a 'traditional' My Life Is So Weird moment.  Nope, this is one where I basically tell you about how I overshared at the dinner table.  Also, there is swearing.

Sitting around the table in our last East Coast port.  I'm wolfing down dinner before I have to run back out on deck.  I'm eating with the Chief Engineer and the First Assistant Engineer.

ME:  You guys...I'm soooo tired.

THEM:  Yeah Mate, don't worry we'll be out to sea soon...

ME:  You guys....I'm sooo tried that I'm disgustingly filthy...

THEM:  *blank stares*

ME:  Whenever I get back to my cabin I just don't feel like taking a shower...I'm just too tired to wash my hair.

THEM:  *blank stares*

ME:  Now my sheets are dirty.  They're my favorite sheets too.

THEM:  *blank stares*

ME:  I went to bed with a chocolate chip cookie last night.  I must have rolled over a chocolate chip by accident because now it looks like I shit my bed.

FIRST:  That's my kinda GIRL!

ME:  Now I'm just paranoid that the Coast Guard is going to board the vessel and inspect rooms...and they'll think I shit my bed...

Currently, I'm being teased non stop about chocolate chip cookies.  The Captain finally piped up and was wondering what the jokes were all about...the Chief Engineer kindly filled him in...

CAPTAIN:  I don't get the jokes...

CHIEF:  The Mate had a cookie incident.

ME:  I rolled over a chocolate chip in bed and now it looks like I shit myself.

CAPTAIN:  Aaaah...just a little morsel schmear...

ALL:  *Hysterical Laughter*


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