Mettle Maker + Link Love = About Freakin' Time

This sweet little blog has been without a Mettle Maker or some Internet Lovin' for too long....way, WAY too long...

First, let's make some Mettle...



P!nk Lyrics.  I'm in.  (Plus, it keeps with my whole, I'M ON FIRE! theme...)

Now let's snuggle with the world wide web...

Yes!  I believe this!  When something doesn't feel right....stop.

I really wanted to take some early morning advice from Amy this trip.  So far, I've been waking up 10 minutes before I need to be on the bridge.  Fail.

Anyone who has lived in New England for any amount of time has had an encounter with a Mass-Hole that has stuck with them.  If you know and love any Mass-Holes you might think  this is hilarious.

I'm still working on my 2013 intentions.  I know!  I have them all set and then I make changes.  Elise compares Goals and To Do's.  Good Read!

Just a cool image.  That's all.

A VERY belated tribute to Senator Inouye.  Merchant Marines will miss your staunch support of the Jones Act.

Bathroom Basket round up.  Nuff Said.

Stephen King has written a book on Gun Control.  Haven't read it but I imagine it's good.

This is a perfect example of wonderful things.  Actually, I don't know what this is an example of....but I want a coat just like it!

I don't know how I'd feel about living in a container (do a trip on a container ship and let me know if you'd live in one...) but, I might be okay with living in this one.

I love me a good travel blog - here's a kick ass roundup of some of the best.

I've actually been thinking about this meal (and kinda craving it) and I've never had it.  Seriously, I think about it.  It was posted after I joined the ship so, sadly It'll have to wait until April to be made...

Those links should keep you busy for awhile.  Enjoy!