M.L.I.S.W :: A Present

I came back to my room and found a ratty old hair elastic hanging on the handle of my door.  

First off, I haven't used this hair tie in two months. I maybe had it when I first got here but, as you can see it got a disgusting hair ball snarl on it.  

I don't know what happened. Either I threw it out, or I thought I threw it out...or it's not mine. Regardless, I haven't seen it in months.  

Minus the fact that I have to wonder where someone found it. I have to wonder what exactly went through their minds... 

My mind imagines this discovery developing two ways.  

Option A: 

This is Effin disgusting. Damn Megan and her hair - it's everywhere!  Screw her we're gonna hang this nastiness on her door.  

Option B: 

Oh look!  A hair tie!  Must be Megan's!  I bet she wants it back!  I'll hang it on her door.  

Either way the elastic hanging progressed I'm gonna throw a curve ball... 

Friends, I don't think the hair tie is mine. I don't use those hair ties. They're too thin for my hair. I think it belongs to an AB who has long hair. Which ups the ick factor by 100%.  

My Life Is So Weird.