Monday Morning

Who would have thought I'd ever be living / working in a world where I mourn the loss of my weekend.  It's strange...very strange. I finally understand women who talk about 'managing their lives'.  Last night I had all sorts of plans.  I was going to plan my outfits for the week - make my lunch - tidy my living room - catch up on some correspondence.....

I didn't do any of it.

It's Monday morning...I was up at 0530....I've packed my lunch, showered, blown my hair dry, dressed and enjoyed a cup of coffee.

I decided to catch up on Google Reader very quickly - and thank goodness because, I ran into this little tidbit from just a titch on being yourself.

After working in the office for only a week I can honestly say that I'm having a hard time being myself!  This morning when I was dressing I almost put down my dangly shell earrings to wear boring pearl studs.  (Don't get me wrong...pearl studs are classic and certainly have a place in my wardrobe...but I had the perfect pair of danglies!)  Thank goodness I had just read this post about being yourself.

While 28 years of life experience isn't much I do know's the little things in danglies make me happy so, I'm going to start there.

Nautie Friends, today, let's be our happy selves!