Nautie Books! Let's select a new one!

Nautie Friends, it's time to select a new book for the Nautie Books Group! I'm going to make a list of books (with links to their Amazon write ups).  Please drop a comment with your vote.

Unlikely Friendships.  Shall we read heartwarming animal stories?  It sounds strangely appealing.  It also has received lots of stars.

Dreaming in French:  The Paris Years of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, Susan Sontag, and Angela Davis.  This one is dedicated to my Mother but really, hasn't everyone dreamed of Paris?

The Night Circus.  This one reminds me of Water For Elephants.  I liked that one a lot.  Love and the Circus?  Sign me up.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.  Historiauntie suggested this book.  I've read it and loved it - and I'll read it again if you pick it!  It's charming.

A Game of Thrones.  I really want to read this one.  I hear it's good.  I've watched some of the HBO series and think it's quite impressive.  Battles, Paranormal Activity, Romance....everything a good saga requires.

Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption.  This one is actually my first pick.  I've been on a majar Non-Fiction kick and I'm not sure that I'm ready to break my stride.  I wanted to pick a light hearted happy go lucky book for this selection - I thought the family could use something happy however; I'm really drawn to this one.  Am I allowed to sway the vote?  Does my vote count for more than one?

Help me choose!

(p.s. I haven't forgotten about the other suggestions....I'm just going with what I currently have on my ebook reader...)