Nautie Notes. The Original One.


Dear Charterers,

Can you please tell us where we're going?  Pretty please?  This whole not knowing business is really cramping my style.  Thank you.

Dear Bose Dock,

When I plug my iPod in and crank you up you rock my world.  It makes sitting at my desk answering work related emails so much more fun.  I especially love your handy dandy remote.  That way when Ke$ha comes on I can really rock out.

Dear Saucony Sneakers,

The way you started to fall apart after not too much wear is lame.  I liked you.  I mean, I really liked you.  Then, out of the blue, the liners started scrunching up under my feet.  What the eff?  Not cool.

Dear Tiki Drawer,

I love this little piece of art.  It will for sure go into my treasured keepsakes pile.  The fact that this Tiki has shell casing eyebrows makes him so much cooler.

Dear Baisey,

Spray tans, cowboy boots and fairy houses.  I love notes from you.  Keep them boys dancing!  Kitchen dancing is a skill every young man should master.

Dear Nautie Friends,

I don't think I have said this enough.  I really love you.  I mean I really and truly love you all.  Thanks for checking in and leaving comments, thanks for reading my book suggestions, thanks for hating pirates with me. 

Dear Self,

Try not to be too snappish.  This isn't an Ally McBeal episode...people don't actually like snappish co-workers.  Also, don't forget to do laundry before the next port or you won't have any clean socks.


Inspiration for this post was found at Lemons, Avocados and The Bay.  (Thanks for the good your new outfit....)