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The Dirty Life: A Memoir On Farming, Food and Love

This book drew me right in.  

A couple years ago I watched the movie Food, Inc. It graphically imaged what I already knew about food...that we can no longer trust where it comes from. Shortly after seeing the movie I picked up the book The Omnivore's Dillema (which I highly recommend).  Right on the tail of suddenly feeling incredibly paranoid about where my food was coming from I hopped on a container ship. Reading the cargo manifest one day I realized we were shipping 'organic soybeans' in one of the refrigerated containers from China to California. I was horrified. I mean, seriously, the rain in China is probably toxic!! 

This book warned my heart - I knw. So cliche.  I felt so proud of these two young farmers. Like, take that you impossibly organic soybeans being repackaged and rebranded being bought up by the masses at Trader Joes!!!  Boom!  Essex Farm makes their own compost!  Take that!

Plus, there's a love story and recipes. I mean seriously. A farm. A man who cooks. A woman who drives a team of horses. Maple syrup.  

I'm currently at sea and I have to say there's something about reading about dirt in the middle of the ocean.  

Kristin Kimball couldn't have done a better job telling this story.  

Here's a great article about the book if you'd like to read more before picking it up! 

What's on your nightstand these days? 


 Remember way back when we had a book club?  I miss those days...I just don't miss them enough to commit to a book a month. How's that for honest?  That being said, I love a good book!  I also love when a friend recommends a good book. Let's do that sometimes!