Tugboat Dislikes


I got to thinking today that's it's only fair I share my dislikes. It seems like a good idea to keep things real and share the downsides to tugboat life (as far as a transition from a ship goes).  

Here goes.  

I share a bathroom. This isn't the biggest deal ever. But, guess who forgot to pack shower shoes?  This girl. The ick factor is high.  

Space is at a premium. My room is about the size of a cleaning gear locker on a ship...okay fine...that's an exaggeration but, my room is small and so is everyone else's.  

You're never alone. Because the boat is small (hence space being at a premium) it's very had to find some time to yourself.  

Exercise feels nigh impossible. On a ship you can really stretch your legs. Sheesh, a walk to the bow alone is a decent leg stretcher. Here, not so much.  

It's wet. We take A LOT of spray and water on the stern. This really drives the above dislike because not only is walking at a shortage - you'll get soaked - plus, it can be unsafe.  

We feel the weather. (Hence it being so wet.). This could be a post of its own and probably will be however; we Rock and Roll. It can make things really challenging.  

All in all, the likes and dislikes remain properly balanced and life remains good.