Nautie Books :: UNBROKEN Wrap Up

Yes, I realize the wrap up post is a little tardy....but, lets just pretend it's September 30th....shall we? First of all, so impressed by some of the forum topics.  Specifically this one and this one.  (What, that was almost all the forum topics?!  Aunt Kay you rock!)

Books are my favorite.  Love them, love them, love them.  What I'm especially loving about this humble book club is the perspective of other readers.  Clearly, books reach out to us and affect us differently.  We're all doin' our thang.  Getting new jobs, moving to new cities, dealing with loss, stressing about finances, you get the picture.  It only makes sense that books will speak to us all a little differently.

I was most affected by the concept of Survival.  The ability we have as humans to hang on when things get tough.  To have faith that the tide will turn.

It seems to me time and time again that faith + hope = new opportunities.  (Combined with hard work and desire of course.)

My Mom and I constantly refer back to the quote "leap and the net will appear".  Except that is majorly over simplifying it, right?  The leap is easy.  Waiting for the net to appear and, having faith that the net will appear is the hard part.

Having spent four hours in a lifeboat vomiting uncontrollably I can attest to the fact that maintaining physical strength is nigh impossible.  Maintaining mental acuity and remaining positive while physically depleted is damn near awe inspiring.

This was a strange (or I should say slightly out of character) selection for me.  I'm not overly interested in history, or non-fiction for that matter but, I had it on my iPad so I went with it.  I learned, I cried, I felt inspired, and I passed it along.

I'd count this book as a success!

On that's time to pick a new book!  Feel free to leave suggestions over in the forum or leave them in the comments but either way, suggest away!

Be expecting a book confession post soon...I think I lurve talking about books.