You Know You're Fresh Off The Boat When.....

You have to go to the grocery store because there isn't ANYTHING in the fridge. All you buy is produce because you're pretty sure you might have scurvy. While getting a haircut you end up ranting and raving about piracy to the stylist.

You go to Old Navy - when you're at the counter the over friendly clerk tries to explain to you how the coupon works and you feel like screaming, 'I just completed a trip as Chief Mate! I think I can figure out how a freakin' coupon works!'.

The little Vietnamese lady is horrified by the grease that seems permanently embedded beneath your nails and the calluses on your feet.

It's one o'clock and you're still in your pajamas.

You keep forgetting that you don't need to separate paper and plastic rubbish.

You get in the car and drive. Just because you can!

Sailor friends, what are some of your fresh off the boat symptoms?