Nautie Jams :: Lorde - Royals

You know how you hear new music and you think, 'yes! this! times a thousand!' and then you secretly feel really cool because no one else is talking about it yet? Or like how you'll be listening to a musician for a really long time and then they blow up and that strangely competitive part of you is pissed? Because no one knows that you knew them first darnit! Well, there's a way around that. When I stumble across something I love I'm going to post it. Everyone loves a good jam, right?! Meet Lorde. She's 16 from New Zealand. She basically rocks and being from NZ is like the icing on the cake.

The songs I can't get enough of are: Royals and Bravado.

I'd also like to encourage you to pay for this shiznit....I mean come on...she's 16....we have standards! No stealing from Minors!