When we left each other last I was snuggled up enjoying a London Fog. Lets catch up, shall we? Thursday (as in last Thursday) I spent the night with Cousin Rhi and her Dude. She made some delicious food. We ate cheese. We drank wine. I know, I're jealous...but this, this my friends is what you should be jealous of:


There are really very few times in my life when I've been lounging on the couch in the morning and been handed a cappuccino. With frothy milk and everything. This was one of those times. See...I wasn't kidding. Jealous.

Friday morning I got back on the road. Breakfast with Canadiaunt and then back over the border.

It always blows my mind how friendly Canadian border crossing agents are in comparison to American agents. I always feel like saying, 'I'm American! Let me in! Really? You're searching my trunk?! Maybe I should turn around...'

Anywho. I was on my way to Baisey's house. I had so much fun. I played in the woods. I built fairy houses. I did some crafts. I had some Mimosas. Fun.


Is that not one of the nicest fairy houses you've ever seen?!

From Baisey's is was back to Seattle. I met up with AuntE, UncleM and CuzL for some geocaching. Ding! Ding! Ding! Yep, it's on The List! I'll go into great detail about it later. For now, rest was awesome! Here's a sneak peek:


On Sunday I went to church (cause that's what you do when your dad is a minister) and then I drove down to Olympia to visit my Step Bro, Sis and Baby M. First off, Baby M is hilarious. Like actually funny. I had so much fun just sitting on the couch listening to this kid. But guess what we did....I made them geocache with me! I think I'm addicted! Needless to say, awesomeness ensued.


Monday found the fam back in the car headed to Cle Elum. We trekked though the woods - Checked out wildflowers and got rained on - Afternoon card games in front of the fire - Bliss. Here's a rare Mountain Lady Slipper:


Then poof! Before I knew it I was flying back to Houston regrouping for my next adventure!


I had to get these gorgeous windows up on the blog. Hobby Airport you're purty.

After a few days of laying on the couch (ie 1.5) I'm gearing up for more action. I'll keep you posted friends!