Since I've landed in the Pacific Northwest I've spent the night at a different persons house everyday! Well, technically I spent two nights at my dads but it only added up to 24 hours of visiting time! After arriving on Saturday we headed straight for cocktails. Because clearly, that's the best thing to do when you haven't seen people in quite awhile!


Sunday was church...cause you Dad's a minister.

As soon as church wrapped up I drove to Redmond to watch Cousin Rhiannon cross the finish line at The Ride To Conquer Cancer. (I have lots of photos and will most likely give them their own post....when I'm not blogging from my iPad in a coffee shop...). Bubbly chilled in a Pyrex pretty much makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy. Congratulations on a successful ride Rhi!


When I was hustling out the door to go to the airport leaving Houston I pulled my passport out of my purse and threw it on the table. Then as I was doing the mad dash out the door I picked it up and put it in my purse thinking, 'this way if I get called back to work early I'll have it'. Ummm...what?! How about I'll need it to cross the border?! Monday morning you could have found me making the drive from Seattle to Vancouver...with my passport in hand thank goodness...

First stop in Canada? Cousin G's house for a little Stanley Park action. Golly, I love Stanley Park! Check out this heart that can be spotted at low tide with the city in the background. A little treat for a lucky!


Tuesday found me grilling vegetables and salmon for a family dinner. To be fair I had help withy the salmon and burnt the zucchini but seriously, beggars can't be choosers! I spent Tuesday night at my Canadiaunt's house. This means one thing. Lots of tea drinking. Listen, I have had many cups of tea in my life but tea at Canadiaunt's house actually tastes better.


Wednesday meant a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle marathon at Cousin C's house. I had no idea the turtles were back. It pleases me enormously that another generation understand Turtle Power! Is that strange? Unfortunately I have zero photos to illustrate the awesomeness I witnessed.

Which leads me to Thursday. I took a self guided tour of Stanley Park. Hello photo safari. Apparently, four hours flying solo was much needed. Beach combing happened. I heart sea glass so hard!


Here I am. Curled up in a chair in a coffee shop blogging on the trusty iPad. Snuggled up with my Pavo Ash & Anchor scarf...Vancouver is rainy and cold, yo! Cold fingers? Not any more - my London Fog warmed me right up!