Nautie Tidbits :: Seattle Bound!!


Back in the air! I'm headed for Seattle today! I'm very excited to see all my Lovelies in the Pacific Northwest. Can't wait!! Aunt Kay, you're the bomb! It blows my mind what a reliable book club member you are. I heart you so hard. This is what Aunt Kay has to say about May's Nautie Book selection The Orchardist:

I just have to say that I really enjoyed "The Orchardist". Since my grandfather was a manger in the fruit warehouses and since I grew up in Yakima, I could "see" the places and events in the books. Although I was astonished at how the women were treated. It just never occurred to me - sometimes I feel so ignorant. Off topic, but there you go!!

My Ash & Anchor scarf is truly the best airport accessory ever. I needed to state that for the record. It's jazzed up my outfit. Rolls into a tiny ball and is way more practical than a large pashmina. You can take that to the bank!

Go Cousin Rhiannon! Cousin Rhi begins her ride today. I'm here to let the interwebz know that our family is incredibly proud of you! I'll be waiting for you at the finish line! xoxo. (Also, a little more shameless hustling...if you feel like donating its not too late! Click here to read about Rhiannon and donate online!!!!)

Nautie Friends, have an AMAZING weekend and don't forget to treat your Father's well!!!!