Nautie Notes :: Playing Catch Up

Dear US Airways,Why are your planes so small? That is all.

Dear Norfolk, VA, I like you a little more every time I visit. You can be quite charming.

Dear Starbucks, I take back what I said before. I'm happy the Red Cups are here.

Dear Dogs Everywhere, I'd love to have a pooch. Someday when I don't ship out and when I don't fly all over all the time....unless you wanna be a ship dog. That would be cool too.

Dear Apartment Hunting Fairies, You can step in anytime now. I could use a little help here. Sheesh!

Dear Nautie Book Readers, I haven't started Gone Girl yet. Have you?

Dear Nautie Friends, Why do I always feel like I'm one step behind? Oh right, because I am. There are good things coming....I've checked a few things off the 30x30 list....I've visited old friends and new ones.....I made another ship visit. Thanks for patiently awaiting my return!