This sweet little babe (who is slightly horrified by my 'sailor talk') is why your vote matters:

As corny and cliche as it might sound Baby Olivia motivates ask you all to vote.....for Obama.

I'm an independent voter.  I swear.  I don't vote by party.

In fact, four years ago, I would have voted for McCain...until he introduced us to Sarah Palin (she did a pretty good job of sealing the deal).

Four years ago I was far less concerned about the outcome of the election but, this year?  This year I care.

If you need more motivation than Baby Olivia telling Auntie Meimei she has a potty mouth then we can't be friends anymore more.  (just kidding)

Seriously though, don't you want her to be able to make decisions about her reproductive rights?  Don't you want her to have access to an affordable education (just in case her parents are horribly irresponsible and spend all her college savings on a 4 wheel drive ford van thats perfect for camping)?  I do!  I really want these things for her!

If you need more incentive don't worry....I've been scouring the interwebz for weeks!

Reasons why Obama needs your vote:

39 reasons we should re-elect obama

Tina Fey says so, duh.

Because there is such a thing as a First World Anthem.

We have these things called Aircraft Carriers....planes land on them... (clearly this appealed to my Nautie Nature)

The Everygirl's Guide to the 2012 Elections - Just in case you're waaaay behind.

Because Twitter says so:


I know the classy blogs don't post Political Commentary but, I'm pretty sure no one is too surprised...

(also, a word to my fellow Sailors...Romney wants to axe the Jones Act...just sayin')