Nautie Tidbits :: Land Lubbing Maine Style

Maine has been amazingly refreshing. It feels FANTABULOUS to be between my own sheets again! I've been out of touch for awhile so I figured I'd do a few collages to bring y'all back up to speed.....and then I can start digging into the archives to show you some of my Hawaii / West Coast adventures.

Also, disclaimer: I got a new app which allows me to write on I may have gone a little overboard.

Here's what's been going on:

-there was a bad squirrel who kept stealing all the bird food. It's strange what growing up in Hawaii does to you.....Mainland plants and animals FASCINATE me......even though I've now been exposed to them for YEARS. I had to keep running out onto the lanai to take photos.

-major projects were accomplished. An old rocker and wicker chair were painted red to spice up the lanai and an old table and chairs were painted purple to spice up the yard. Fun pre-summer projects!!! Yay colors!!!

-the housemates and I made a communal dinner. Kick butt burritos.....and orange flavored cocktails. Awesomeness.

-belated spring cleaning went down BIG TIME. The ladies and I pulled out all our furniture and swept and vacuumed dust bunnies. I got some nice fresh light weight linens for my bed. I opened my window and got a nice dose of lilac infused breeze. So fresh! So clean!

-please note that next to the vacuum in my CLEAN photo there are some canning jars.....tis the season!!!

I hope you're enjoying fabulous weather wherever you are....Maine is amazing today!