Nottingham, NH

I've spent the last few days at a totally cool house in Nottingham, NH.  The owners were away so I had free reign to look through all their drawers (psych!  -that would be a great words with friends word- I can't thank you guys enough....for letting me stay there and for getting me addicted to words with friends!). The house is a renovated farm house.  There are wide plank pine floors throughout....the rafters are exposed and look like real trees...and the roof has lightning rods.

Here's the best part:  there is a barn in the yard!  A BIG barn!  You may be wondering what they do with the barn since they aren't this I say, 'DUH!  They host mad cool parties that include bon fires!'.  (They also have their own wedding reception in the barn....what do you eat in a barn in NH?  DUH!  Lobsters!)

These friends of mine are also insanely resourceful.  They have a large garden where they grow veggies and such.  The 'such' is the cool part - they grew their own hops - and then brewed their own beer with their own hops.  Insane.

I wandered around the yard with my L.L.Bean boots on and pretended that I was a character in Little House on the Prairie....but then I realized it would probably be more appropriate to be a character in Little House in the Big Woods.  Either way works for me.  Can you imagine what we'd be seeing photos of today if pioneers had DSLR cameras?