October 6th 1004 @ 59 deg F

I woke up this morning and it was 59 degrees in the house.  Does anyone else think that's too cold?  I upped the thermostat to 65 and turned the heat on.  The problem is that it is only October 6th!  Yikes! There was actually a frost alert last night!  I learned that while getting my hair styled - since I posted about bra's yesterday I won't go into the details - although I will say that I got it highlighted and it made me feel like an adult - I'll also say that I like it and that it looks good.  My plan was to go downtown for the hair appointment and then walk around downtown taking photos.  This didn't happen because I was too flippin' cold!  The wind was whipping down the streets and then every now and then there would be raindrops in the wind.  Next time I go on a photo safari I need to wear gloves (and my down parka).

When I was apartment hunting in Maine I kept seeing references to the 'time and temperature building'.  I just assumed it was a building that had a billboard featuring the time and temperature.  When I spotted the building yesterday I had to snap a shot - it was also incredibly appropriate because the time on my parking meter was running low and the temperature was frigid!

What temperature do you all keep your thermostats at?