Dad and Russ - Earmuffs!

Nautie Ladies! I had a life altering experience.

It seems like the washing machines at work destroy my bras - and this time out I wasn't as careful about having work bras and fun bras.  I've been wearing my three favorite bras over and over again - the lacey bits literally had holes in them!

I went to Victoria Secrets to buy some new bras.  The girl in the changing room area asked me if I wanted to get measured and I said, 'nah - I'm all set'.  I put on the first one and it was okay - then I put on the second one and it was okay too....then I notice that I grabbed the wrong size for the second one.  I thought it was kinda weird that they both seemed to fit since they were different sizes.  I poked my head out the door and said, 'excuse me - can I take you up on that sizing offer?'.

I've been wearing the wrong bra size for my entire adult life!  She kept handing me bra after bra in this new magical size and every single one of them made my boobies look fabulous!

I used to have trouble with the top of the cup gaping if the bra had padding...not anymo-0re!  Now I just have perkier boobs!

So ladies, the next time the lady asks you to get measured say, 'yes please!'.  Also, a public service announcement:  you should be remeasured every 6 months.

Yay for boobies!