GPS, Squishy Grass and Caterpillars

I've been trying to 'get out in the city'.  For awhile I would just get into the car and drive around - it ended up not being that much fun.  Plus, I really thought I was going to kill someone because I'd get 'lost' and I'd take out my iphone for mapquest.  Kinda scary.  I decided I had to have a GPS.  For the record - I'm now having the most fun I've ever had driving around ever!  What I've been doing is getting in the car and putting a random intersection into the GPS - then I take whatever turns I want and let the GPS reroute me - I think I got a good GPS because it doesn't ever scold just tells me where to turn next....although, it does scold me a little bit if I miss a turn - so, in a nutshell I drive around the city with no real destination in mind taking wrong turns on purpose......and it's FUN! The only sorta bummer is that the weather hasn't been stellar.  Where are those crisp and clear fall days?!  It's been rainy and cloudy...icky.  I've been wearing my Bean Boots pretty much everywhere (except yesterday so of course that meant I parked in a puddle twice).

I discovered the Eastern Promenade a few days ago.  I got lucky because the sun came out for about 30 minutes!  I squished through the grass and then walked along the water for a bit.  It is definitely a cool place to people watch - and if I had a dog it would be my hang out (someday I'm going to write a post about how much I want a dog).