Orange Goodness :: Shipping Style

I meant to post these yesterday...but then again I had the worst day in my Second Mate history and clearly that took precedence. To truly understand that this is the ghetto version of Orange Goodness please refer back to mermaid mugs, granite counter tops and Martha Stewart cutting boards.  Not to mention french vanilla fat free creamer, stainless containers with heart handled scoops and pearl handled cutco knives.  Oh how I miss having a kitchen when I'm at sea!

A couple weeks ago I got a package from home (thanks Mom)!  I begged my mom to find me an orange peeler.  I meant to pack mine in my ditty bag but it got lost in the packing shuffle.  I got a lovely green handled orange peeler in my box!  Woo hoo!  Back in business!

I'd like to draw your attention to several things that make this a ghetto Orange Goodness:

*Stained coffee mug - stained plastic coffee mug

*Long life milk - icky (but better than powdered)

*Stainless steel industrial coffee pot

That being said, an Orange Goodness is an Orange Goodness is an Orange Goodness.  A lovely addition to any morning!