How does the worst day ever unfold?  Please, allow me to walk you through the worst day in my Second Mate history... I woke up in a pretty good mood.  I went up to the bridge for watch - things were pretty mellow.  I got off watch and hit the gym (because I'm a superstar).  I was feeling much spunkier post treadmill.  I sat at my desk and had my fruit and cereal while catching up on my favorite far my morning was going well.  Then I looked out my window and noticed that some of the clouds were shinier than usual - so I stepped outside and was awestruck.  I had almost missed the most beautiful sunrise!  I ran inside grabbed the camera (and growled when it fogged up from humidity).  I went all paparazzi on that sunrise's ass.  It ramped my morning up from okay to stellar.  I literally skipped up the ladderwell to go back to watch.  I was in such an amazing mood that I allowed myself a second cup of coffee - and I made it an orange goodness - oh yeah, things were looking up.  I decided that I would document the shipboard version of an orange goodness (and so I went all paparazzi on that orange's ass).

Segue-way to the worst day in my Second Mate history...

I was in the window (looking for ships of course - I would never be spacing out) sipping my orange goodness when the Captain came up to the bridge and said:

'Did you get that information I sent you on Praia da Vitoria?'

(Now, I've been holding out on you guys a bit.  I didn't want to announce my next port too soon - because I'm very, very excited - and I knew that as soon as I spread the word the port would get cancelled.  However, it is vital that you have this information to truly appreciate the depth of suck that is about to occur.  We're on our way to the Azores!  Woot woot!  I've never been there before - although I've steamed past these magical Atlantic Islands.  Needless to say, my excitement level is off the charts....please read further to appreciate the was indeed intended.) back to the Praia da Vitoria question...

You know that feeling when you instantly know when everything has gone from groovy / hunkydory to not good at all.  The one where your heart feels like it's in a vice grip while your stomach seems to suddenly be missing?  CUE NOW.

Me:  'Uuuh....Praia da Vitoria....uuuh Capt....I don't know if I saw that on the chart.....I thought we were going to Lajes....'

Captain:  'We are going to Lajes....Lajes, Azores - Praia da Vitoria.'

Me:  'Maybe we better look at the chart together...'

I'll save you all the nitty gritty details but, apparently there are two Lajes in the Azores.  Mine was on a totally different island than our next port of call.  I had us going to the port of Lajes....where as Praia da Vitoria is in the municipality of Lajes.  Ruh-Roh.

The only thing that could possibly make this situation worse was not having the charts needed onboard (because we've obviously left port so how would we procure them....)

Segue-way to the day gets worse....

We don't have the harbor chart!  We have the approach charts....and we have electronic charts...but we don't have a chart that includes the actual pier.  When we arrive in the port the chart will be delivered by the Pilot.  Oh-Emm-Gee.

For the record, this is not the first time in shipping history when a harbor chart has been delivered by Pilot boat....however; it was not supposed to be part of my shipping history!

I will say this, the Captain has been amazingly gracious.  I think he recognizes that it was an honest mistake.

The other thing I will say is, no harm no foul....we didn't end up in the wrong that would be a bad day!

Segue-way to my bad day wind down...

The mileage has been adjusted.  The waypoints have been correctly entered in the GPS units, the ECDIS and Waypoint for Windows.  I'm at my desk enjoying some licorice tea in my nightie and Uggs.  I'm looking at beautiful things on - and blogging my little heart out.  My cousin Rhiannon says, 'Remember it's not a bad's just a bad day'!  Plus, there is still some good news:  I'm on my way to the Azores!