We're out in the deep blue....rolling around... I'll allow the rolling becuase this mornings sky made up for it.

Dark and Cranky looking clouds with Happiness pouring out of them.

Being back at sea is always a little bit of an adjustment (as is completing your first cargo operation).

I have to remember that if I leave a glass on my desk - it might be on the floor when I turn back around.

I have to remember to keep one hand on the rail as I fly down the ladderway.

I have to remember that ginger is the best medicine when your tummy says that the rolling is becoming a problem.

I have to remember that I have to put my book down because there is no sleeping in.

I have to remember that the world will be waiting for me when I get back.

This part of the job is the best part - and when I'm home it's the part I remember.