Fluffy Goodness.

Nautie Friends, way back when I decided that the secret to a good sunrise or sunset lay in the clouds.  Since then, I've been lucky enough to have quite a few good cloud days.  That being said, I never, ever pass up the opportunity to take pictures of the sky.  I have hundreds, and hundreds of photos of clouds, sun rises and sets, rain, stormy seas and any other type of meteorological phenomena I can capture stored on my hard drive.  Of all the photos I take only about 1 in 10 get posted on the blog.  It's almost like I hoard them... Here are the last few days worth of clouds - from last evening backwards.













I hope wherever you are you have some fluffy goodness in your lives!

Clouds. We're making it an adventure!

This morning on watch we spotted a little sail boat.  In.the.middle.of.the.Atlantic. I looked at that boat and thought, 'there would have been a time if someone asked me to sail across the Atlantic where I would have felt like the Gods were smiling down upon me...now? meh.  not so much.'.  It was a strange feeling.  Knowing that my lust for adventure has shifted.

Go to Bali?  Yes please!  Stay in a hostel in Bali?  Mmmm...is there a private cottage available?  Anyone up for New Zealand?  Of course!  We're gonna rent a car right?  I mean, I don't really want to rely on the bus.  Sail across the Atlantic?  Ummm...have we subscribed to a weather routing service?  Do we have an EPIRB and SART?

dark and stormy.

These days taking photos of clouds with my camera set to aperature priority feels like an adventure.  Sunrise with no flash?  No way man, I'm gonna be daring and go with aperature priority!


I love how aperature priority darkens my shots.  As in looove how it darkens my shots.


Please excuse my crooked horizon.  You should try taking a photo of the horizon on a rolling ship.

Golden Delight.

I have millions of cloud photos.  That means that this post could be considered lacking with only four photos.

This Morning.


I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!



The 500 Foot Photo Safari

Here's what I've been up to the last few days...think of it as a photo safari limited to 500 feet!


The water has been the best blue.  


No, one blue water photo wasn't enough...


This is the spare anchor.  (This is actually the first ship I've been on that had a spare anchor.)  I stood behind the anchor for quite some time waiting for a wave to make a big splash near the bow...and then it happened and I caught it...awesome.  FYI, that's really, really high.  Probably 30 feet over my head.

No More Blue Photos.  Moving on...


There are officially 400 cranes folded.  Only 600 to go (oh-my-god...I'm never going to finish in time...)!


I'm still Actively working on my plans for 2013.


I'm still obsessed with trying to get photos of light hitting my jars.  

All photos were taken with my iPhone...


We're out in the deep blue....rolling around... I'll allow the rolling becuase this mornings sky made up for it.

Dark and Cranky looking clouds with Happiness pouring out of them.

Being back at sea is always a little bit of an adjustment (as is completing your first cargo operation).

I have to remember that if I leave a glass on my desk - it might be on the floor when I turn back around.

I have to remember to keep one hand on the rail as I fly down the ladderway.

I have to remember that ginger is the best medicine when your tummy says that the rolling is becoming a problem.

I have to remember that I have to put my book down because there is no sleeping in.

I have to remember that the world will be waiting for me when I get back.

This part of the job is the best part - and when I'm home it's the part I remember.

A Good Cloud Day

Yesterday was a good cloud day. I knew it would be when I came up to watch and saw an almost full moon smack dab in the middle of the bridge windows surrounded by fluffy clouds.

We had a series of squalls blow throw all day that were great.  Minus the fact that it's fun to watch it rain after not seeing any for months - We needed a fresh water wash down sooooo badly!

Let's start with the moon, shall we?

Then the sun rose.  It wasn't a super fancy sunrise.  It was simple and golden.

By mid-morning the clouds were really blowing through....and bringing some rain with them.

By late afternoon we were looking at water spouts and a peach color sky.

Our peach colored sky quickly turned into a washed out horizon that was a sickly pale yellow.  The wind and rain just absolutely pelted the deck.

Like I said....it was a good cloud day.