A Good Cloud Day

Yesterday was a good cloud day. I knew it would be when I came up to watch and saw an almost full moon smack dab in the middle of the bridge windows surrounded by fluffy clouds.

We had a series of squalls blow throw all day that were great.  Minus the fact that it's fun to watch it rain after not seeing any for months - We needed a fresh water wash down sooooo badly!

Let's start with the moon, shall we?

Then the sun rose.  It wasn't a super fancy sunrise.  It was simple and golden.

By mid-morning the clouds were really blowing through....and bringing some rain with them.

By late afternoon we were looking at water spouts and a peach color sky.

Our peach colored sky quickly turned into a washed out horizon that was a sickly pale yellow.  The wind and rain just absolutely pelted the deck.

Like I said....it was a good cloud day.