Clouds. We're making it an adventure!

This morning on watch we spotted a little sail boat.  In.the.middle.of.the.Atlantic. I looked at that boat and thought, 'there would have been a time if someone asked me to sail across the Atlantic where I would have felt like the Gods were smiling down upon meh.  not so much.'.  It was a strange feeling.  Knowing that my lust for adventure has shifted.

Go to Bali?  Yes please!  Stay in a hostel in Bali? there a private cottage available?  Anyone up for New Zealand?  Of course!  We're gonna rent a car right?  I mean, I don't really want to rely on the bus.  Sail across the Atlantic?  Ummm...have we subscribed to a weather routing service?  Do we have an EPIRB and SART?

dark and stormy.

These days taking photos of clouds with my camera set to aperature priority feels like an adventure.  Sunrise with no flash?  No way man, I'm gonna be daring and go with aperature priority!


I love how aperature priority darkens my shots.  As in looove how it darkens my shots.


Please excuse my crooked horizon.  You should try taking a photo of the horizon on a rolling ship.

Golden Delight.

I have millions of cloud photos.  That means that this post could be considered lacking with only four photos.

This Morning.


I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!