A Nautie Excuse

Nautie Friends, I miss you - I do!  I want to post - really!

I'm suffering from what can best be described as 'end of rotation apathy'.

I'm tying up loose ends at work, I'm planning my next two port stays, I'm organizing my drill and inspection matrix, I'm double checking that all my log entries are made....and then I sleep.

If I'm not working I'm sleeping because sometimes just looking at my shipmates irritates me.

This is what I call, 'squirelly season'.  Everyone onboard is a little squirelly....and it's best to keep my distance.  Everyone feels excatly the same way I do....just looking at me irritates them!  People start picking petty little fights, people start complaining, essentially...people start loosing it.

There you have it - my nautie excuse - it's squirelly season!

I'm arriving on the East Coast tomorrow morning first thing.  I'm excited because today is my 29th straight day at sea and even one day in port sounds freakin' awesome.  I'm super bummed because I don't have my iPhone so I can't call home.....or take photos....or post on the blog on the fly....

Mostly I'm excited because a US port means I'm that much closer to getting off!

Love you guys!