My little bit of green.

The Garden. I have a cute little garden.  I love it.  I brought a basil plant with me and it didn't die!  Can you believe it?  Along the way I also grew some garlic.  I found some garlic that started to sprout and so I just shoved it in the basil's dirt - and it took off.  I tried pretty hard to sproat that potato first in water and then in soil but it just rotted on me.

Do you remember way back when I first started the blog?  I had some basil and a sweet potato.  I loved posting about them.

This trip I again tried to potato trick (trying to sprout it in water) but it didn't take at all.

Plants onboard are always a tricky thing.  It seems like you're either going to get really lucky or you'll have dead plants in days.

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