Things In Mason Jars :: Fruit Smoothies At Sea

Fruit smoothies at sea....yum.... I have a really nice Cadet - who went ashore when we were in Charleston and bought me a crap ton of fresh fruit.  After 29 days at sea I was jonesing....bad.

(I just realized that I didn't tell you guys that I hit my first US Port and am heading to my next...the one where I get off the ship at!  Yippee!)

Anyways, I was hungry for some fruit in a really big way and my Cadet totally pulled through.

I've been snacking on berries and mangoes.  I have greek yogurt (again, thanks cadet!) and am making Mango Lassi's but most importantly, I've been blending myself smoothies in the mornings.  Delish.

My shipboard cornucopia!

I know what you're thinking....this chick is getting off her ship in a few days and all she can talk about is her garden and her fruit?!

This trip has been good.  I'm not sure I've ever said that before.  Despite the fact that I haven't stepped foot on land in 97 days (unless I've been taking drafts), I don't feel like I'm going crazy.  I don't feel like I need to completely reevaluate my lifes existence - which, let me tell you is quite common for me by the end of my rotation!  Don't get me wrong, I am ready to be on land.....I'm just not wishing I could quit shipping and have quadruplets as soon as possible.

Life is good, folks.  Life is good.