Reverb 10

I started my blog on a whim.  I am still very shy about my blog and haven't told very many of my friends about it.  My friend (who I call Little Miss Sunshine) told me that people would like my blog better if it wasn't too much like a diary.  I totally agree.  Since I've been blogging I've been reading a lot of other blogs.  There are some great blogs out there!  I think I'm even addicted to some.  Even though I'm not a huge touchy feely blog fan I have found some blogs that are so artistic and aesthetically pleasing that you can't help enjoy reading them.  I came across an online project called Reverb 10 - and yes, I ran across it on one of the touchy feely blogs I've been reading.  Reverb 10 is an online collaborative to reflect on your year and manifest what's next.  Each day will post a prompt - the goal is to create, journal or blog every day in December.  I'm clearly joining in a little late - I plan on playing a little catch up.  Reverb10 also encourages 'tweeting' - tangent:  My Mom thinks she needs an iPhone to help keep her 'in touch'.  She says that unless you are upgrading your technology then you are being left behind.  I would kind of chuckle to myself when she said this - mostly because I already have an iPhone and I thought she was just making excuses to go get one herself!  Today I signed myself up on Twitter - OMG!  I'm totally getting left behind!  Today was my very first tweet ever.  I felt confused!  I didn't know what to do after my first tweet....then I signed up on Reverb10 and I didn't know how to get their button on my blog.  My Mother is right (it really chaps my ass to say that) - I'm getting left behind!  (I'm going to use that as my excuse to get an iPad - ha) 

Although I'm kind of nervous about this turning my blog into a diary I'm going for it.  I read The Secret - I totally believe in manifestation.  I also kind of figure what's the point of having a blog if you can't rant and rave and get touchy feely every now and then?!