Rota, Spain :: Sun, Sand, and Shrimp.

I got ashore in Spain after all!  It wasn't the port I was hoping for but it was sweet none-the-less. I had no idea but Rota, Spain sits on an absolutely lovely beach.  Apparently, when you are at the oil terminal you can't see the perfectly white sand!  Who knew?!  Well, I know now and I think I'll make sure I take my bathing suit with me the next time I hit town...more importantly I'll take some slippers so I don't end up on the beach in my Uggs!  These Uggs are getting a workout this trip!

After some shell hunting I hit town with Travel Buddy.  The town was much cuter than I expected.  Lots of small shops and cafes.  I had some cheese - apparently spain is known for its cheese.  When they serve cheese that's it.  You get cheese.  Works for me.  (I may or may not have washed it down with a brewed beverage.)  Then there were shrimp.  Two HUGE shrimp on a plate.  One for me and one for Travel Buddy.  I wasn't too into removing its shell - but oh was it worth it.  Freakin' delicious.

We hit a small leather shop.  It was great!  Everything in the shop was handmade.  Fabulous purses, belts and jewelry.  I got a belt and a purse - I know, I know....I needed a purse like I needed a hole in the head however; this one was handmade in Spain!  Win!  (Also, Travel Buddy is a terrible influence when shopping!)

The afternoon was wrapped up at the base shopping in the exchange.  It is amazing how exciting it is to see 'stuff from home' even after only 2 months!  I got some L'Occitane hand cream....daily air conditioning (and a little dose of petroleum products now and then) have really wreaked havoc on my hands!  I also bought the nail polish featured a few days ago.  Hells yeah.

Highlight of the day:  Shell hunting with Travel Buddy.  Fo Sho.