Nautie Tidbits + I See At Sea = Time Management > Sunrises and Islands

Dockings, Cargo Operations, Undockings and Fun Ashore have really put my time management skills to the test.  Yikes!  The days have really gotten away from me!  Here are a few Nautie Tidbits....

  • Today I tidied my desk - it still isn't anywhere close to being organized but it was a step in the right direction.
  • Last night I saw a meteor that fully illuminated the sky.
  • I'm due off the vessel in 3 weeks.
  • Today I'm correcting charts and publications on overtime.
  • I have no idea where my next port will be - chart preparation might become a mad scramble.
  • My head (bathroom) developed the most foul odor last night.  What the hell?!
  • I've eaten almost all my cheese from Spain...this makes me sadder than I can tell you.  I've also eaten almost all my chocolate from Russia....again, so sad!

Some of these photos are almost 6 days old!  What have I been seeing at sea?  In a nutshell - sunrises and Greek Islands.  No one is complaining.