Wild Turkey.

Turkey was wild....I just departed Mersin, Turkey....and let me tell you....it was my most eventful port stay in quite some time. There were several key factors that led to the craziness:

  • No internet alongside the pier - I felt like I was going through withdrawls....I may be addicted to the internet...
  • It rained incessently.  Seriously, non-stop rain.
  • It was the slowest discharge EVER.  It took 55 hours to discharge a partial load.  Sheeze.
  • A storm blew in....I'll elaborate further later....but, storms blowing in while you are docked isn't always fun....
  • I went ashore and saw the meat market.  That's crazy, right?

I know this is a short and slightly unsatisfactory post but, I wanted to say hi!  I missed you guys!

More posts and pictures to follow!  I just need to regroup workwise before giving too much attention to the blog (sadface).

Hugs and Kisses!