Shell Selections

It's a lazy Friday morning in the Nautiemermate household. Yesterday, I celebrated my 'fake birthday'. I'll be on the Mainland for my REAL birthday and Travel Buddy will be far away so my friends encouraged me to have an early celebration. It was fun! I may have had one too many diet seven ups.....which is why it's a lazy Friday morning. Wanna hear something quasi exciting? I'm going over to look at earrings this morning! Is there anything cooler than looking at earrings? Why yes, yes there is. Taking your own shells to make earrings with!

I found a bunch of shells on the ship when we heaved up anchor one day. The anchor was COVERED in mud and of course it fell all over the deck as we cleaned it off. Of course, I had to dig through it looking for shells! There were an amazing amount of beauties. (Looking at them now I will admit they are a little on the rough side and probably won't be getting turned into wearable jewels.). I also found shells in Rota, Spain and Poti, Georgia.

I can't wait to see what I end up with!